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Why I Created This - And Who Is This For?

The Real Estate Growth Academy is for Realtors serious about growing their business as fast as humanly possible while retaining clients forever. We work with new to experienced Realtors that have these problems:

  • Inconsistent Client Acquisition: You are making money, but month-over-month your growth is a guessing game. You haven't nailed down one specific traffic source which you can "turn up" whenever you want to sell more.

  • Everyone Around You Is Making Less Than You: This isn't an ego thing, but you know you're the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with, so what does that make you? It's hard to find hungry, motivated, and successful people willing to share their time (one of the reasons we created this program in the first place).

  • You're Using Youtube Videos As "Business Advice": Look, I love a good Youtube video as much as the next guy, but you can't use these general videos to solve your specific problems. You've likely outgrown your previous environment and are hungry for knowledge, but make sure it's specific to your current situation and from someone who has been there.

  • You're Eating Lunch While On Sales Calls:
    I remember those days, you prayed for more booked appointments and then when you finally got them you found yourself on calls from 7am-7pm, 7 days a week. Getting the right systems in place can be difficult, but essential to grow.

  • You're The Smartest Person On Your Team: While that's great for your ego, not so good for the business. This likely means you're the biggest bottleneck in the growth of your business and need to be challenged ASAP.

  • Emotional, Not Data-Driven Decisions:
    The best (and most profitable) businesses in the world are run as a science experiment. You know what your control is (booking rate, close rate, cash-per-call, cost-per-call, lifetime value, refund rate, etc.) and you test variables against it (low ticket funnel vs. call funnel, new offer, increase in price, new sales funnel, etc.) to find the winner. If this is the first time you're seeing some of those words, you may be in trouble.

Sustainable Success Takes Consistency.
Let Us Help You Skyrocket Your GCI.

75% of the agents that come into our community double their GCI… which is unheard of. I will personally handle every agent that works with us.

Here Are Some Of The Results From Our Clients

Why Work With Vikram Deol and this Community?

What an awesome question, if you weren’t at least a little skeptical I'd be worried.

Even if you take away our hundreds of satisfied members, testimonials, case studies, masterminds, etc., this is still one of the top communities in the industry.


Well, I’ve been exactly where you are now. I've been through the ups and downs of this business and I've developed strategies I'd like to share with you.

I've personally helped scale the businesses of hundreds of Real Estate Agents, and chances are we can help scale yours as well.

I'm on a mission to help Real Estate Agents make a living doing what they love (without losing their soul). We’re a private Real Estate Academy, without the massive cost.

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